Specialized in customizing WordPress (Multisite) for:

  • School district website
  • School official website
  • Learning management system
  • Teacher portfolio
  • Student portfolio
  • Class homepage

With the solution we provide, you can easily...

Unify looks and feels

Unify looks and feels

Pre-made themes/templates allow you to unify all sites and pages for teachers and students.
Control and manage all sites

Control and manage all sites

You can assign different roles for administrator, teacher, and student or keep a site private by assigning no role.
Monitor activities and traffic

Monitor activities and traffic

With appropriate plugins, you can easily track and monitor activities and traffic occurring on all websites.
Provide technical support

Provide technical support

The server is under your control. Whenever there is an issue with the websites, you can provide the supports for teachers and students.

Need more? We also provide:

  • Web hosting
  • Network security and backup
  • WordPress installation and administration
  • WordPress theme and plugin installation
  • Training for WordPress administrator
  • Paperless solution